ALCON & L´AONC, Samantha Alcon and the AONC Trio

15th june 2018 at the Comptoir Ephémère in Bordeaux


"musicality of dance and choreography of music"


If there is one thing that is out of our control, it's from where we come. Our origins...

However, it is up to us to understand and integrate our heritage and then our studies before attempting to strike our own new path.

The three musicians Guillermo Guillén, Alex Carrasco and Jérémy Lacoste did exactly that when they met and created the A.O.N.C. trio in Bordeaux in 2017.

Each with their own considerable scenic and artistic experiences, they decided to fuse their different musical worlds, flamenco, hip hop, jazz fusion... and to break down the barriers between the different styles.

In October 2017, the A.O.N.C. trio won the DG Cajon Contest 2017, in the catégorie “Best Group Performance”.

This multi-music trio, coloured with new sounds has inspired the contemporary flamenco dancer Samantha Alcon who integrates with passion the “avant-guard".

The career path of Samantha Alcon, a professional dancer, who performs and teaches in France and internationally, has always been based around the search for new and original creations and choreography.

In 2017 Samantha Alcon took part in a residency for new creations in Hong Kong at the HKAPA and the CCDC, with the Chinese dancer Soraya Chau at the International Choreography Festival (Sheung Wan Civic Center).

With this experience and the excellent reception of her project in Hong Kong, Samantha Alcon would like to share more of her creations in Asia, this time with musicians.

And so the project was born at the start of 2018, ALCON & L’AONC.

Guillermo Guillén, guitars

Jérémy Lacoste, bass

Alex Carrasco, percussions, MPC

Samantha Alcon, dance