Samantha Alcon was born in Béziers, France but comes from a family of Spanish descent.

As a child, she received her first artistic education from her father, a musician, and her mother, a ballet teacher. 

She was admitted at a very early age at the music conservatory of Béziers as a violinist.

She commenced her flamenco dance training at age 15 with flamenco gypsy artists the Montoya family.

In 2003, she moved to Seville and continued her training.

She developed her Bata de Cola and Mantón skills with flamenco artist Alicia Márquez and studied footwork with renowned teachers such as Manolo Marín, Ramón Martínez, Ursula López, Pilar Ortega, Juana Amaya, José Galván, Manolete, Adela and Rafael Campallo. 

In 2004, she began to work with in company of José Galván with whom she recorded the DVD “El Baile Flamenco del Maestro José Galván” Vol.2-3.

In 2007, she modeled alongside the “Academia de Baile Alicia Marquez” for the internationally renowned photographer Ruven Afanador in his book “Mil Besos”, a different vision of flamenco women. 

In 2009, she joined Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto’s dance studio and devoted five years of her career to learning his art style. 

Later only to dance in his company and perform in his the show “Asimetrías” alongside Leonor Leal, Ana Morales, José Valencia, Enrique Soto... during “The Festival Ljubljana 2009” in Slovenia. In august 2011, she traveled to perform in Petrovac, Montenegro, once more with Andrés Marín’s Flamenco Abierto Company.

In July 2012, she performed in the show “Flamenco Ensemble” in Paris, during a private event held at the concert hall “El Silencio” created by the movie director David Lynch.

During her formation years in Seville, she worked as a dance teacher in “Estudio de Bailes Alicia Márquez”, “Sevilla Dance Center” and “Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto Studio” and performed with her won company Samantha Alcon Compañía Flamenca in many different venues such as the Monasterio de la Cartuja of Seville, La Carbonería, Pies Plomo Peña, Peña La Perla de Cádiz, Peña Niño de la Alfalfa, Peña Flamenca La Serrana in Cazalla de la Sierra.

In 2013, she participated in the “Festival Joaquin el De La Paula”, in Alcalá de Guadaíra near Seville with her company.

In May 2014, she presented her first personal creation “SOLO FLAMENCO” in Béziers, France at the Minotaur Theater.

In April 2015 she was invited to teach for six months in Japan at the “Naomi Piazza Flamenco Studio” in Kobe and performed in the “Tablao Flamenco La Fogata”.

In June 2016, she presented her creation ‘SOLO FLAMENCO” in the “Festival Flamenco Esch, Luxembourg”.

Since then, she currently divides her time between performing and teaching.

Samantha teaches private classes as well as intensive workshops.

CATARSIS, Hong Kong 2017

SOLO FLAMENCO, Luxembourg 2016

©Jean-Marc Bouque